All is Well at Pointe Santo After Irma!

Sanibel Beach, Sanibel Beauty, Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Information, VRBO Sanibel / 25.09.2017

Beautiful pool post Hurricane Irma!

Same pristine beach after Irma!

Hello!  Good news from the Sanibel Island Condo Rentals community!  I just returned from Pointe Santo and am happy to report that Sanibel and Captiva islands survived Hurricane Irma.  There was very little structural damage anywhere on the islands, but a lot of trees did either uproot or get blown over.  The clean up has been swift and except for some piles of vegetation by the street, waiting to be hauled away and mulched, you’d never know Irma paid a visit just 2 weeks ago.  The crew at Pointe Santo has done a remarkable job cleaning up the courtyard, lagoon, and pool, and the beach was unscathed.  Pointe Santo D35 didn’t have any damage and we already have a renter staying in the condo.  A great website to check when wanting updates on Sanibel Island is  

I will be blogging regularly with the most current information about Pointe Santo D35.  So, when researching Sanibel rentals, please be sure to check this website.  VRBO Sanibel isn’t updated as often so this is the place to keep current.   Recent photos will be posted as well as suggestions for visitors on things to do and where to dine when on Sanibel Island vacations.

Stay tuned!

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