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No More VRBO Pointe Santo

Sanibel Beach, Sanibel Beauty, Sanibel Condo Rental, Turtle Season, VRBO Pointe Santo, VRBO Sanibel / 17.05.2018

Hello Pointe Santo D35 friends!  What a beautiful spring it has been at the Sanibel beachfront condos!  This photo was taken just a few days ago.  Gorgeous sunny sky, pristine beach, and crystal clear gulf waters.  What more could you ask for?

It’s turtle season on Sanibel beach.  From now until November, different species of sea turtles will be coming ashore to lay their eggs.  If you see a small area roped off near the top of the beach by the vegetation, it is a turtle nest.  Please do not disturb them.  They will hatch late at night when the moon is bright.  Then, they follow the moonlight and head to the Gulf.  For this reason, it’s important to not leave anything on the beach at night.  Please bring up your umbrellas, chairs, shoes, etc.  These are all obstacles for the hatchlings.  Since they follow the moonlight to the water, it’s also important to turn off all lights that could draw attention away from the Gulf.  No lights should be shining toward the beach.  And, if you are lucky enough to see the little guys walking to the gulf after hatching, please do not use flash photography.  They’ll be blinded.


Beautiful Gulf Water at Pointe Santo D35!

Sanibel Beach, Sanibel Beauty, Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Restaurants, Sanibel Shelling, Things to do on Sanibel Island, VRBO Pointe Santo, VRBO Sanibel / 04.04.2018

The busy season for Pointe Santo condo rentals is winding down.  The last couple of weeks of spring breaks are upon us and many visitors are enjoying the beautiful aqua water of the Gulf of Mexico along the coast.  The Sanibel beachfront condos  of Pointe Santo have been a great place for shelling, fabulous sunsets, relaxation, rejuvenation, and just keeping warm all winter.  Oh, and the pelicans and the dolphins love the wide beach in front of Pointe Santo D35!

A new great restaurant, Traders 2, recently opened and is now one of our favorites.  It’s owned by the same people as Trader’s Restaurant and has outside seating.  The menu is small plates, sandwiches, flatbreads, etc.  It’s close to Pointe Santo and is open for lunch and dinner.

We had record breaking temperatures in February and March which made for a very busy season for Sanibel rentals.  Remember, it’s ALWAYS more economical to book directly through this Pointe Santo D35 website than to book through VRBO Pointe Santo.  You avoid the 10% + booking fee by doing so.

Stay warm and hope to see you on the beach soon!


Beautiful Moon for Sanibel Rentals!

Sanibel Beauty, Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Information, VRBO Sanibel / 18.02.2018

  • What a way to end the month of January in Sanibel at Pointe Santo.  The dawn of January 31 started with a partial lunar eclipse as the moon set over the gulf.

The sunset was gorgeous with vibrant colors, and the moon rise that evening was incredible!  Full moon, super moon, blue moon, and blood moon, all in the same day!  You won’t find photos like these on Vrbo Sanibel!


Happy New Year from Pointe Santo!

Sanibel Beauty, Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Information, VRBO Sanibel / 03.01.2018



Sanibel Beauty, Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Sunset, VRBO Sanibel / 22.11.2017

Happy Thanksgiving from the beautiful Sanibel beachfront condo, Pointe Santo D35!  The weather has been perfect this week, and visitors are getting creative with sand sculptures.  I invite you to come down and stay at one of the very best  condo rentals on Sanibel Island!  You’ll see sunsets from the beach just like this one that I saw last night

When searching for Sanibel Island Vacation rentals,  contact me through this website.  You’ll save the 10-12% fee that VRBO Sanibel charges, plus, you’ll have me as your personal contact.  And look for me on the beach at sunset with my friend, Lola.


Sanibel Island Farmers’ Market

Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Information, Things to do on Sanibel Island, VRBO Sanibel / 28.09.2017

Sanibel Island Farmers Market

Eat Fresh!

It’s that time of year again!  The Sanibel Island Farmers’ Market opens this Sunday, October 1, and continues each Sunday through May 27.  This is a wonderful place to buy fresh fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, cheeses, pastries, flowers, and as they like to bill it, “The best quacamole in the world!”  Many other things can be purchased for any of the Sanibel Island condo rentals too, but these are some highlights.  So, when checking in on Saturday to Pointe Santo D35, be sure to leave room in the refrigerator for your Farmers’ Market purchases on Sunday.  Don’t miss it!  It’s a close drive, or an even better bike ride.

Speaking of bikes, did you know that you can order bikes ahead of time and have them delivered to the Pointe Santo condos on your arrival date?  Billy’s Bikes is a good way to do this and can be done on-line at


Billy's at Bailey's

Bikes and other equipment for Sanibel Rentals                                                                                                           See you soon at Pointe Santo D35 beachfront condo!





All is Well at Pointe Santo After Irma!

Sanibel Beach, Sanibel Beauty, Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Information, VRBO Sanibel / 25.09.2017

Beautiful pool post Hurricane Irma!

Same pristine beach after Irma!

Hello!  Good news from the Sanibel Island Condo Rentals community!  I just returned from Pointe Santo and am happy to report that Sanibel and Captiva islands survived Hurricane Irma.  There was very little structural damage anywhere on the islands, but a lot of trees did either uproot or get blown over.  The clean up has been swift and except for some piles of vegetation by the street, waiting to be hauled away and mulched, you’d never know Irma paid a visit just 2 weeks ago.  The crew at Pointe Santo has done a remarkable job cleaning up the courtyard, lagoon, and pool, and the beach was unscathed.  Pointe Santo D35 didn’t have any damage and we already have a renter staying in the condo.  A great website to check when wanting updates on Sanibel Island is  

I will be blogging regularly with the most current information about Pointe Santo D35.  So, when researching Sanibel rentals, please be sure to check this website.  VRBO Sanibel isn’t updated as often so this is the place to keep current.   Recent photos will be posted as well as suggestions for visitors on things to do and where to dine when on Sanibel Island vacations.

Stay tuned!



Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Information, VRBO Sanibel / 18.08.20172 comments

Beautiful morning in front of Sanibel beachfront condos of Pointe Santo. Very quiet in August but a glorious day!