Sanibel Condo Rental, Sanibel Information, VRBO Sanibel / 18.08.20172 comments

Beautiful morning in front of Sanibel beachfront condos of Pointe Santo. Very quiet in August but a glorious day!

 So glad to be back on Sanibel Island for a few days!  I came down this week to update a few things in Pointe Santo D35.  We now have several new things including dishes, glassware, blankets, pillows, some kitchen gadgets, towels etc.  We just completed the annual deep clean so everything is very fresh.   D35 continues to be one of the very best Sanibel Island condo rentals because we constantly are updating things.

Did you know that when searching for Sanibel condos, it is always in your best interest to contact me directly and not go to websites such as VRBO Sanibel, Flipkey Sanibel, etc?  Not only will you get personal attention from  me, the owner, but you will also save money by not having to pay the 10-12% booking fee that they charge.

Hope to see you on the island soon!



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